Jailed Pro-Lifer Suffers Stroke

Jailed Pro-Lifer Suffers Stroke

Your prayers are needed here! Heather Idoni, a defendant in the Washington, D.C. FACE (Freedom to Access Clinic Entrances) Act trials, was rushed to hospital this week after suffering a stroke while being held at Northern Neck Regional Jail in Virginia. She is now reportedly stabilised and will be taken back into custody to await sentencing on May 17.  

Idoni and eight other pro-lifers have been charged by the Department of Justice with violating the pro-abortion FACE Act and “conspiracy against rights” for peaceful civil disobedience in a traditional pro-life rescue at a late term-abortion facility in Washington, D.C., in October 2020. 

Idoni has told LifeSiteNews that, while detained at the Alexandria Detention Center, where she was held in custody until being transferred to another jail in December, she was subjected to 22 days of solitary confinement. In an exclusive interview, she said that she received this punishment for sharing food with fellow prisoners. Idoni revealed that she was allowed to walk outside her cell only for two hours in the middle of the night each day and that the lights of her cell were continually kept on. Idoni has been in prison since she was convicted last autumn.   

Calvin Zastro, a friend of Idoni and co-defendant in a Michigan FACE Act trial, told LifeSiteNews that U.S. marshals paraded Idoni in full shackles into federal court as if the mother of five and adoptive mother of 10 were a dangerous criminal, to the shock of those present, including the judge. 

Idoni faces over 50 years of incarceration in federal prison and over $1 million in fines for taking part in several peaceful pro-life rescues in Washington, D.C., Michigan, and Tennessee. Should Idoni receive maximum penalties in these cases, in which previous counts can be compounded to heighten subsequent sentences, she will have been sentenced to the longest prison term in the history of the U.S. civil disobedience movement for human rights.