Jayda Fransen appears at President Trump demo in Belfast

Jayda Fransen appears at President Trump demo in Belfast

Stout Hearted British Patriots Defend President Trump and Our American Friends in Belfast!

As President Trump visited the UK and Ireland to honour the war dead and the D Day landings, predictably the lefty loons encouraged by the reds, Antifa, and the other assorted liberal freakshow participants went into a full snowflake meltdown!



They promised 250,000 on the streets to oppose President Trump but only got 3,000 and even they were shouted down by true British patriots.

Typically, the leftists in England (few of whom are even English at all) resorted to violence and attacked many elderly people for simply holding the stars and stripes flag or for wearing the famous red MAGA hats!

However, in Belfast the patriots there, mainly the same blood as the American ‘Scotch/Irish’or Ulster/Scots do NOT put up with the red menace like the English do. So, when an anti-Trump rally was called the Belfast patriots confronted them.

Once again, the snowflake liberals resorted to strong arm tactics when calling the patriots did not work…. BAD MOVE IN BELFAST!

The small in number, but stout-hearted patriots stood fast and taught these commie thugs some ‘good ole manners’!  An attack on Donald Trump is an attack on ALL of the American people and in Belfast at least this will NOT be tolerated.