Jayda Fransen facing Prison again TOMORROW

Jayda Fransen facing Prison again TOMORROW

Britain’s most persecuted patriot Miss Jayda Fransen faces jail AGAIN tomorrow for daring to speak out against Islamic terror and rape gangs.


This brave woman, a modern Boudicca, has just served a NINE MONTH sentence for confronting Convicted rapists in England and now the courts in Northern Ireland could be putting her back in prison for A YEAR, for merely speaking the truth.

She has also been rendered HOMELESS for months due to the probation service hounding her and the Muslim HALAL food authority suing her for £500,000!!

Jayda and Tommy Robinson are the two most persecuted people in Britain and not even Tommy is being hounded the way the corrupt elites are hounding this young British woman!

She has no safe home, no money and Nobody to turn to so WE have stepped in to help her and would urge EVERY TRUE PATRIOT to show some solidarity with Jayda.

Most people have seen how brave she is in her face-offs with big Muslim men on the streets, but the State has her ground into the dirt, but this girl is the bravest fighter I have EVER seen and she refuses to lie down.

She told me there will be NO SURRENDER…. EVER in her defence of our people, so if she can put up with the Attacks, death threats, violence and Prison surely to goodness we ALL have a duty to rally to her side now when she needs YOU?

She needs money to eat! Money to pay the lawyer! Money to keep her phone…simple as that!  She is battered and bruised but the fire in this young women’s eyes fills my heart with pride as I KNOW that with young women like Jayda leading our struggle, we will NEVER be defeated…DEUS VULT!