Jim Dowson – Guest Presenter Profile

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Jim Dowson – Guest Presenter Profile

Many of our regular readers have contacted us to say how impressed they are with our Templar Report guest presenter, Jim Dowson. “What has he done in the past?” What brought him into the Templar orbit?” And “Is he just an engaging intellectual or is he a practical man with some street smarts?” are just three of the questions we’ve been asked.


The answers, in brief, are: Mr Dowson has for several decades been a leading organiser of pro-life protests in Scotland, England and on the island of Ireland. The abort-for-profit butchers of the British Pregnancy Advisory Service stated that they had never opened an abortion mill in Scotland because Jim’s presence would have made the operation untenable!

Born in Scotland, he moved to Northern Ireland at the height of The Troubles to stand with his Scots-Irish brethren in those dark days. Jim is the proud father of four children and has seven grandchildren.

A lifelong staunch Christian, Jim trained as a Calvinist minister before deciding that his true vocation was in organising to promote traditionalist and Christian causes.

More recently, he became the face of the protests in Northern Ireland against the leftist decision to ban the flying of the British national flag over Belfast City Hall.

The video clip below shows him in action at the head of the 10,000-strong crowd that gathered in the city at the height of the protest.

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