Join the Social Media Fightback!

Join the Social Media Fightback!

Is GETTR the serious free speech social media platform we’ve all been waiting for? Launched on 4th July, it’s certainly very easy to use and patriots, Christians and conservatives are flocking to it.

It’s early days yet, but perhaps the former members of Trump’s media team who have created GETTR really have cracked it. This really could be the start of the long-overdue fight-back against the liberal-atheist censorship stranglehold.

We certainly hope and, indeed, pray that it might be so. Yet “the Lord helps those who help themselves”, so we must do more than simply pray. We must also act. So we are encouraging all our Knights, Brethren, Affiliates and Friends to join GETTR.

While we the Templars set up to secure our independence from Youtube, setting up an alternative to Twitter or Facebook was simply beyond us. But since other conservatives have now done it, we all need to weigh in and support their initiative - and help to drive it forward in the truly right direction.

So we're asking all of our brethren and supporters to join GETTR right now. It’s so simply to download the GETTR App and then to set up your account. I’m no great shakes with modern technology, but even I managed it in just over two minutes!

The only thing you may need to do is to check your Promotions or Spam folder for the verification code. Then away you go. Make sure to put # hashtags on key words that like-minded users may search for; that’s the best way to help your posts reach as many people as possible.

One more point for now: To really help to draw attention to the Order on this very promising new platform, we’re asking all our people to use our official Templar Cross logo as their avatar on you account. This one!

Thanks for reading this and for trying out GETTR for yourself. Together, we can help break the liberal-left’s censorship blockade and do our bit to fight back for freedom!