Killing Babies is Their Top Priority

Killing Babies is Their Top Priority

Homeless war veterans are freezing on our streets. Pensioners are shivering in icy homes.Parents are skipping meals so their children can eat. The health service is reeling from ever-deeper cuts. But the UK Government is happy to pour in the money to fund abortions in Northern Ireland.

Secretary of State For Northern Ireland Chris Heaton-Harris announced the full commissioning of abortion in Northern Ireland, allowing abortion-on-demand right up to the moment of birth. He also boasted “The UK Government is steadfast in its commitment” to ensuring unborn babies are killed by “high-quality” abortion.

The enthusiasm of the UK political elite for the mass murder of innocent babies is mirrored in the European Union and in the White House. But the origins of the elite obsession with the sacrifice of unborn children is of course much darker than the corridors of earthly power.

Since 2020, over 4,136 babies in Northern Ireland (population under 2 million) have already been killed by so-called early medical abortions. But 4,136 dead babies are not enough for Chris Heaton-Harris. His commissioning of ‘full abortion’ means babies in the womb will be killed at all stages through pregnancy, right up to the moment of birth. This imposes on on the Province one of the most extreme abortion regimes on the planet.

The cost of fully-commissioned abortion could be £5million for Northern Ireland. Chris Heaton-Harris said providing abortions will be the only part of Northern Ireland public spending in 2023 that will be “ringfenced” - meaning abortions will be GUARANTEED all the funds necessary.

While the Health Service in Northern Ireland is already in crisis due to lack of funds, killing babies in the womb is now prioritised over everything else. Northern Ireland has the worst waiting times of any UK region. According to the BBC, it could take up to 10 years to tackle Northern Ireland's current waiting lists, which are increasing daily. More than 300,000 people are currently waiting for genuine medical treatment, yet taxpayer’s money is now ‘ring-fenced’ and guaranteed for the killing of unborn babies in Northern Ireland.

The fake Conservative regime in Westminster is not only destroying the right to life of unborn babies here, but also blatantly ignoring the principles of democracy and devolution by using central government powers to override the Stormont Assembly. The hypocrisy of Sinn Fein, SDLP, and other pro-abortion parties is sickening. They protest when Westminster tries to act on other issues – yet welcome and support Westminster’s interference when they force abortion on Northern Ireland.