Killing Europe - Down The Memory Hole

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Killing Europe - Down The Memory Hole

“Terrorist attacks, riots, and gang rapes are striking at the very foundations of Europe. This is the story of a Danish expatriate and his quest to uncover the growing issues within the European society he left 15 years ago, challenging the viewer with a vision of a Europe undergoing drastic and far reaching changes.”

“It’s a really good picture of the problem. It’s just unfortunate that most of the people he interviews are members of the socially liberal AltLite, and either have no real understanding of who is actually responsible for the problem or – even worse – want to use the problem to incite Western patriots to get involved in Middle Eastern wars that have NOTHING to do with us, and which only make the problems with ‘refugees’ and terrorists even worse. 

Killing Europe has been taken down repeatedly by the YouTube censors, so make sure to download it and pass it around!


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