Knights Templar Relics in the beautiful Scottish Borders

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Knights Templar Relics in the beautiful Scottish Borders

Interesting little video in which an amateur historian in Scotland investigates some ancient myths and legends, with remarkable claims and ideas emerging!

emplar-linked sites in Scotland include Melrose and the magnificent monastic ruins of Melrose Abbey. The abbey was re-founded in the early 12th century for the Cistercian order by David I. Here is where the heart of Robert the Bruce is laid to rest and is marked by a commemorative plaque within the grounds. Bruce was said to have been in command of some Knights Templar at the Battle of Bannockburn!

Making back north towards the capital city you have the chance to lay your eyes upon Arniston House. The Scottish estate that the house stands on today belonged to the Knights Templar and then in turn the Knights of St John.
Skye Tour from Inverness
Moving a short distance to a historic town named Temple, where the remains of Balantrodoch Temple (preceptory) still stand today. In 1127, the Grand Master of the Templar Order Hugh de Payens met with David I in Scotland and acquired the lands of Balantrodoch. The Temple became the principle Templar seat and Preceptory in Scotland until the Templars were supressed between 1307 and 1312.


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