Kosovo is Serbia!

Resistance to mass immigration from the Muslim world is stronger in Eastern Europe than the West and for very good reason. It was in the East that Islam ruled for centuries, persecuting, massacring and enslaving Christian Europeans.

Eventually Europe purged Islam from its territory, pushing it right back to modern day Turkey; but there is one people in Europe that remain under the yoke of Islam: the Serbs of Kosovo!

The Holy seat of the Serbian Orthodox Church only remains in the hands of the Albanian aggressors because of NATO and American intervention. It was Bill Clinton and his clique of war-mongers that drove the Serbian army from Kosovo when they attempted to take back the historically Serbian land.

Today, Serbs living within the borders of Kosovo face the most severe persecution on the entire continent, but you won’t find their stories on CNN, the BBC or any of the other mainstream fake news outlets.

Many have been forced to leave their ancestral lands for the safety of Serbia.  30,000 Serbs lived in capital of Priština, where their families have lived for centuries. As of 2017,  only 30 Serbs live in Priština. Orthodox churches are routinely pillaged whilst Saudi Arabia funds the construction of titanic radical Mosques. Those than remain face sniper fire whilst working the land as farmers.

This has not stopped the EU attempting to fast-track Kosovo into the union, ignoring the radicalisation of its Muslim population and the brutal treatment of its Serb inhabitants. The EU clearly has no problem giving a terrorist state a place in their globalist club! 

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