KTI Peacemakers In Belfast Bonfire Crisis

KTI Peacemakers In Belfast Bonfire Crisis

Senior members of the Knights Templar International were deeply involved in crucial attempts to defuse dangerous community tensions in Belfast, Northern Ireland, last evening.

The crisis was caused by a cynical and wickedly irresponsible attempt by Belfast council – now dominated by Marxist bigots from Sinn Féin – to use Polish workers to dismantle loyalist bonfires.

The construction and lighting of massive bonfires, and their ceremonial lighting on the evening of 11th July is a central part of the annual calendar and cultural identity of Northern Ireland’s Protestant, loyalist community (see the video for an insight into the scale and popularity of this event).

To attempt to use Polish workers to break up bonfires and steal the material is a disgusting effort to provoke a violent pogrom against the Polish families who have moved into loyalist areas in recent years.

Loyalists should put blame where it belongs – on Sinn Fein and their politically correct allies among senior police officers, not Poles, who despite being Catholic have far more in common with generally right-wing and Christian loyalism and with working class loyalists than with the pro-Islamist, pro-abortion, LGBTQ+ obsessed neo-Marxists of Sinn Fein.

Loyalists should also remember that the very first person arrested and jailed during the protests against the Sinn Fein ban on flying the Union flag on Belfast city hall was a young Polish man who clashed with police as they tried to rough up pro-flag protesters, saying that the country represented by the red-white-and-blue had been good to him and his family.

Sinn Fein are desperate to drive a wedge between loyalists and Poles and have obviously seen an opportunity to do so by trying to use Polish contractors to do the dirty work in their ugly, sectarian Long War on loyalist culture and identity.

In an English or American context it’s like the Labour party or Democrats using Muslims to rip down Christmas decorations, except that Ulster loyalists are far more resolute in defence of their identity and rights, so this is far more dangerous.

Hence last night’s many hours of efforts by KTI brethren who have good contacts and relations both with loyalist community leaders and the Polish community in Belfast. Thankfully, we can now report that due to the combined efforts of senior community leaders and members of the Knights Templar Order, the city hall bullies have backed down and a potentially horrific situation has been averted, but only just. So here’s wishing a happy and peaceful Eleventh Night and Twelfth to all concerned.