KTI Prior Features In Pro-Life Classic VIDEO

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KTI Prior Features In Pro-Life Classic VIDEO

"I mourn the 6 million Hungarian children, and the 2 billion children worldwide, who, unlike me, did not survive abortion." The KTI Grand Prior for Hungary and the Carpathian Basin, Dr.  Imre Téglásy, appears in the hugely successful pro-life video “Faces of Choice”.  

Imre is himself a survivor of abortion attempts. To quote from Ms. Gillett's press release. "We wanted to make an ad that showed the many faces of survivors of abortion, to put a face to the ‘choice’ of ending life,” said Gillett, who lives in Texas. “When a victim – a  survivor – stares you in the eye and tells you their story, a paradigm shift takes place that cannot be conveniently forgotten. We have thousands of survivors of abortion in the United States, alone; more than enough survivors to attach an actual face to the misnomer of ‘choice.’"

Choice is not merely a word. Choice has a face. Choice is a person.


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