KTI Rapid Response Team Base Now Open!

KTI Rapid Response Team Base Now Open!

Templars making a real difference! A group of our American brethren have taken it upon themselves to turn Knights Templar ideals into real practical life. With the blessing of the Council of Nine, these good brothers (and sisters helping too) have created the KTI Rapid Response Team (RRT).

With hard work, dedication and investment, they have built a real-life operations base in a lovely piece of countryside in the heart of the mid-West. With further advances planned, they already have a large, metal building that hosts meetings and doubles as a training room for Templar brethren. It also houses ATVs, trailers and other equipment needed as they develop their vision of being ever-ready to provide disaster-relief, financial protection, and aid for Christian people and communities in dire need.

The RRT has already made it possible for two families to get back up on their feet. The RRT did this by supporting them financially whilst giving them a place to stay in the safehouse they have also kitted out to provide such emergency accommodation.

The needs of the Order, and brethren in search of comradeship, are also being met. The expansive property includes a quality firing range as well as a well-appointed meeting area dominated by a lectern, Bible, Cross and a stunning array of Templar weaponry and helmets. A Templar Sword in a lit display case forms the centerpiece.

The RRT is a NON-PROFIT, tax-exempt, through-and-through CHRISTIAN organization that sets its goal as glorifying CHRIST, rather than its members, and furthering the cause of the Mighty Lord and protection of His people. In pursuit of this most holy goal, the RRT has already made quite a few accomplishments so far. The display of practical idealism is also serving as a very effective recruiter of new brethren. This is something with which good men and women can really get involved.

“We have a vision, and that is to be able to God willing, we will be the major line of defense for Christians in North America. It is not for our own glory, but for God’s glory and His alone. We are but servants of our mighty Master and the torch-bearers of the original Templars. Deus Vult!”

Our very sincere thanks and best wishes to all the brethren involved in this tremendous project!