Le Pen Defeat - We Told You So!

Le Pen Defeat - We Told You So!

Every time there's a big election with some nominally 'far-right' challenger, all sorts of good-hearted fools and black-hearted grifters crawl out of the woodwork to tell the gullible that "people are waking up and we're going to take our countries back". And each time, we try to bring people back to reality by pointing out that the entire Western world is out of electoral road.

The French Presidential election has proven us right yet again. Our analysts and spokesmen said from the very start of the campaign that Marine Le Pen would make the second round - and that the liberal neo-con, bankster puppet Macron would easily defeat her. And, once more, we have been proven right. "If voting changed anything, they (the elite) would make it illegal".

All sorts of idiot 'right-wingers' are now squealing about the French election being stolen by fraud. Well, of course there was election fraud, it's what the left do - they can't help themselves. But it didn't change the outcome, any more than electoral fraud will be necessary to beat Donald Trump in 2024. 

Because the demographic disaster that has engulfed France, the USA and indeed the entire West, is ALREADY so far gone that 'right-wing', nativist, electoral victory is already impossible. There is a way back for our people, but it is not along the electoral road; that has already been shut for at least ten years.

We explore this harsh but vital truth in depth in the first book in our Deus Vult series, The Reconquista of the West. So rather than being disappointed that a Le Pen electoral insurgency has yet again been defeated in France, order your copy today and join the ranks of those who understand the stark truth, and who have a realistic and very practical plan to deal with it. See the rotating masthead advert for details.