Lefties Call For Pet Sacrifice!

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Lefties Call For Pet Sacrifice!

Our beloved pets should be sacrificed on the altar of the new Earth Goddess of the Climate Change cult! If you want to see just how deranged the Left is becoming over the threat of “climate change,” take a look at this article from the German leftist site Neues Deutschland [New Germany]. The author argues that we need to get rid of cats and dogs to save the planet.

Here’s the start of the article, translated into English:

Let’s get rid of the mutts

Katharina Schwirkus says: four-legged friends not only foul parks and pavements; they are an unnecessary burden for the environment. They should finally disappear from our cities and our lives.

Alongside their disgusting excretions, pets are also bad for the climate, as they eat meat and thus contribute to emissions of carbon dioxide. The environmental footprint of a dog corresponds to a car driving 3700 km each year, that of a cat 1400 km. In Germany, the average vehicle drives 13000 km.

The CO2 footprint of dogs and cats may therefore seem vanishingly small, but think about this: the environmental footprint of a German cat is on average exactly the same as that of an Egyptian. The values indicated assume the animals are eating standard food. The better the food, the worse the effect on the climate.

…Whoever wants to do something good for the climate should not buy either a dog or cats. Over the long-term, the breeding of these four-legged friends should cease. Even in the countryside they are a burden for the environment. For one thing, dog and cat droppings are not easily degradable. For another, cats naturally follow their hunting impulses but don’t eat the prey they catch, just train their instincts.

Yet again, we see the left using the climate change hoax to push for things they want to do anyway. The leftist ‘animal rights’ fanatics hate human beings keeping pets, so they’re jumping on this excuse to stop them – even if it means that cats and dogs must die!

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