"Let Them Eat Bugs!"

"Let Them Eat Bugs!"

With world food supplies crashing and millions of families having to choose whether to 'heat or eat', the global elite have come up with a solution for the peasants who have no bread: "Let them eat bugs!"

This is literally the message from this new article on Klaus Schwab's World Economic Forum website. Like the WEF's notorious "You will own nothing and be happy" piece, it will surely be thrown down the Memory Hole once they feel the inevitable public wave of anger which such out-of-touch arrogance will spark. But the screenshot here is 100% genuine - this really IS on their official website; it really is what the elite think.

When they realise just how much of a PR disaster this Marie Antoinette impression has done, the Schwab, Gates and George Soros will of course get their liberal Fact Check puppets to rule that the WEF didn't say this, because they are only publicising the decision of the European Union.

But the counter to that is twofold: First, the European Commission and the WEF are closely allied technocrats and, second, the WEF and its key spokesmen are themselves long-term enthusiasts and promoters of bug protein as a 'solution' to climate change and to feed the masses as their 'green agenda' puts meat beyond the pockets of mere mortals like us.

The only difference between Marie Antoinette and the global cabal is that the ill-fated queen of France almost certainly never thought or said such a thing, but was the victim of a liberal masonic revolutionary smear campaign. The WEF, by contrast, both thought and said it. And they mean it, and intend to do it. 

The only question is whether they will succeed, or whether the combination of their hubristic overreach and popular anger lead to a rebellion from which they have to run for their wretched lives.