Let's Go Brandon Goes to Top of Charts

Let's Go Brandon Goes to Top of Charts

BigTech censorship has failed to stop 'Let's Go Brandon' soaring to the top of the charts!

Rapper Bryson Gray wrote “Let’s Go Brandon,” paying homage to the meme that has made the rounds on social media after a NASCAR race at Talladega on October 2. The phrase pokes fun at an NBC anchor’s attempted cover-up of the crowd chanting “F*** Joe Biden,” claiming that they were cheering racer Brandon Brown for his victory.

YouTube banned the rap song critical of President Joe Biden, but it reached the top of the charts on iTunes shortly thereafter, sending Adele’s comeback single “Easy on Me” to third.

Gray, a Trump supporter, wears a MAGA bucket hat in the video, with an “Impeach Biden” T-shirt. He was accompanied by Tyson James and Chandler Crump as background vocals.

YouTube banned the music video last week, citing “medical misinformation,” referring to a lyric that says, “Pandemic ain’t real, they just planned it.” Another says, “Biden said the jab stops the spread, it was lies.”

The lyrics of the song also mention Australia’s handling of COVID-19, saying “Look at Australia, that’s what coming if we don’t stand up, stop complying with them taking our rights, it’s time to man up [sic].” Another lyric states, “Media lyin’, ignoring all the cryin’/ They buildin’ back better, but only the Taliban/ Pilots on strike, but to Joe it’s irrelevant/ Open the border, lose all the order.”

Gray, speaking to the New York Post, said, “If you read guidelines for social media sites now, the guidelines themselves are against conservatism. You literally can’t have a conservative opinion.” He went on to say, “Cancel culture doesn’t work anymore. It only works on people who are scared … all it does is help me. Thanks YouTube!”

Gray also spoke with Glenn Beck, saying, “If you want to be honest, in this country, I know we like to say we’re all free, but in reality … only one side has free speech. They can say whatever they want about Jesus and just get away with it.” He went on to say that “we can’t even question, make a joke, then we’re banned on platforms if we do that.”

So if Gray was at Number 1 and Adele at Number 3, who got to Number 2? Another song called Let's Go Brandon! Written by Loza Alexander, this includes the words  “Tried to cover it up, but tell the people, go Brandon/ But we know what they sayin’, though.” The music video shows him wearing a red MAGA-style hat with “Make Music Great Again” written in white.