California mom fired from job after speaking out against LGBT sex-ed content in schools

California mom fired from job after speaking out against LGBT sex-ed content in schools

A California mom of three says she was fired from her job less than two weeks after triggering outrage from local leftists for speaking out against a new sexual education curriculum during a school board meeting earlier this year.

“As a mom of three, I’m an advocate for my children, so I pay attention to what they are teaching in the schools,” Janet Roberson said in a short video posted to Twitter/X detailing her experiences.

The Daily Wire reported that Roberson, formerly an independent contractor with Compass, a major New York-based real estate company, sparked outrage from leftist community members after she addressed the Benicia Unified School District board in late April to speak out against the presence of inappropriate gender ideology and sexual content she said was present in her school’s newly-approved sex-ed curriculum. Parents are allowed to opt their children out of the lessons, but Roberson said the content is still worrisome.

“The new curriculum encourages gender confusion, not gender clarification,” Roberson argued during the meeting. “The notion that a girl can decide to be a boy, or a boy can decide to be a girl, is not true and should not be taught.”

On her website, the Bay Area mom argues that “Presenting sexual degeneracy and promiscuity as normal, natural, and healthy, particularly to children, is a communist goal to undermine and subdue American values.”

Shortly after speaking at the Benicia school board meeting, Roberson was targeted by community members, one of whom sent an article to a local newspaper outing her as a Compass real estate agent and accusing her of being “bigoted” and of promoting “racism” and “transphobia.” Another individual wrote a letter to Compass accusing Roberson of being “anti-equity, anti-trans, anti-Black, and anti-choice” and suggesting that she ought to be disciplined or fired.

Less than two weeks later, on May 1, Roberson said she received a phone call from a regional corporate director informing her that she could “no longer do business as a Compass agent.” Robertson said she tried to argue, pointing out that her work performance had been exceptional, but the executive allegedly told her “this has nothing to do with business.”

When she pushed back, asking “if you’re saying this has nothing to do with business, what does this have to do with?” she said he replied with “words to the effect of, ‘well, the past week has been a lot.’”

“My entire business, everything I had invested, was gone, just like that,” Roberson said in her video posted to social media. “How can it be that, in America, a mom who speaks at a school board meeting can be targeted and canceled, losing her livelihood? What does that say about our community?”

In a statement to Newsweek, the Benicia Unified School District said it “remains open to engaging our community in dialogue about our district and program” but does “not engage in matters outside the scope of our work.”

The district also wished Roberson “and her family an outstanding school year.”

For Roberson, even losing her job was worth it to “speak the truth and to stand for freedom and for what our Constitution stands for.”

“I would do it again,” Roberson told The Daily Wire. “For me to lose a job is horrible and not okay, but I would be willing to do it again.”