LGBTQ+ Indoctrination Is A Gift For ISIS

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LGBTQ+ Indoctrination Is A Gift For ISIS

A High Court judge has ruled that Muslim and Christian protestors are permanently banned from protesting LGBT relationship lessons outside a school in Birmingham, England.

Today a High Court judge, Mr Justice Warby, upheld the decision in June of this year to create an exclusion zone around the Anderton Park Primary School, making the ban of anti-LGBT protests, by mostly Muslim parents, permanent in the area.

The three main protestors: Amir Ahmed, Shakeel Afsar and his sister Rosina Afsar fought the injunction in court claiming that the protests should be protected as freedom of speech.

A Christian organiser, John Allman, joined the other defendants in condemning the ‘lessons’ in perversion.

The liberal elite appear oblivious to the fact that forcing conservative Muslim communities to accept the indoctrination of their children is a piece of liberal totalitarianism which will push even more young Muslims towards radical Islamist extremism. Promoting perversion as acceptable (even desirable) for children is the best recruiting sergeant ISIS cells could have!

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