LGBTQ Lobby Gets Behind Ukraine

LGBTQ Lobby Gets Behind Ukraine

Millions of young men were sent to their deaths in the First World War to "make the world safe for democracy". A century later, we're ALL in danger of dying in a new war, a key aim of which is to make the world safe for sodomy.

Whenever you see some young intellectual from yet another think tank railing against Vladimir Putin, take a moment to search their personal life online. Eight out of ten times, you'll find that they are "gay". All over the West, the LGBTQP+ lobby has come out raging against Russia. Why? Well, take a look at this piece of news just in:


A former programme manager of a private Russian TV channel has been repeatedly fined for his past activities. A district court has found him guilty of violating statutes protecting children from media that is harmful for their health and development.

The episode in question was aired last summer. Reportedly, it involved homosexual images and characters, deceptively presented to underaged viewers in a positive and attractive way.

Late last year, the same person and the TV studio that employed him were also found guilty of promoting sexual perversion to minors. Total fines for these violations exceeded one million rubles.

In the wake of the above developments, the perpetrator opted for quitting his job as a TV programme manager.