Liberal decadence is NOT an alternative to Islamisation!

Liberal decadence is NOT an alternative to Islamisation!

The disgusting terrorist attack on mosques in New Zealand is – predictably enough – already being exploited by the far-left and the liberal elite to demonise all criticism of the Islamisation of the West.


The next twist in the spiral of tension and violence will in due course be a self-serving ‘revenge attack’ by ISIS or Al Qaeda. That, equally predictable, horror will in turn be seized on by ‘counter-jihad’ propagandists to spread their baneful message that “they’re all the same” and that “all Muslims are a threat to our liberal values”.

Anticipating that, “here’s one we produced earlier” – a commentary by KT guest presenter Jim Dowson at the time of the controversy over the Burkini. We urge patriotic, Christian-minded traditionalist to watch this and to think about the issue very carefully.

Who are the real enemies of tradition, decency and civilised values in the ‘West’ of today? Ordinary Muslims? Or the cultural Marxist liberal elite with their radical agenda?