Liberal driven out in transphobia row

Liberal driven out in transphobia row

Arch liberal journalist Suzanne Moore has announced her shock departure from ultra-liberal Guardian after a career there spanning more than 25 years. She had fallen foul of the increasingly aggressive 'trans' lobby, which has gone to war on feminists such as Moore. After she criticised the abuse of feminists by trans activists, 338 Guardian employees wrote to the editor demanding an end to her 'transphobic' articles.


* The offending piece had merely state 'Women must have the right to organise. We will not be silenced', she wrote about gender being a biological classification and, 'not a feeling'.

*The reaction to it shows the extreme intolerance of confused men posing as women.

* The row has ended the career of one of Britain's best-known liberal journalists.


The newspaper which presents itself as a bastion of liberalism and tolerance, has led the left's aggressive push to use Political Correctness to silence political opponents. But it has now been hoist with its own petard. 

* Moore, who won the Orwell Foundation's Journalism Prize in 2019 and has written consistently for the paper for the last 10 years, having had a stint at the paper earlier in her career, also revealed she and her children had received death and rape threats. 

* Her departure comes amid a number of high-profile rows between feminism and transgender lobbies, with Harry Potter author JK Rowling being criticised earlier this year after she mocked an online article using the words 'people who menstruate' instead of 'women'. 

* Announcing her resignation on Monday evening, Ms Moore tweeted: 'I have left The Guardian. I will very much miss SOME of the people there. For now that's all I can say.' 

* he later appeared to take a swipe at the left-wing newspaper by changing her Twitter bio to: 'She left because she understood the value of defiance'.


It is not just the Guardian where this madness has taken hold. The incident illustrates the extraordinary extremism that has now gripped public life and 'woke' corporations. Nowhere is safe! Suzanne Moore has revealed just how aggressive these people are becoming when she says 

*'I know from personal experience the consequences of being deemed transphobic by an invisible committee on social media. It has meant death and rape threats for me and my children, and police involvement. I also know that the most vicious stuff takes place online and not in real life."

* Others to face criticism from transgender rights groups include Oxford University Professor Selina Todd and feminist blogger Kellie-Jay Keen-Minshull. 


It has always been said that "revolutions eat their own children". That is exactly what is happening as 'cancel culture' mutates into an ever more extreme, intolerant and dangerous form.