Liberal Elite Death-Wish Drives Desperation And Hatred

Liberal Elite Death-Wish Drives Desperation And Hatred

And they wonder why desperate individuals turn to unforgivable and counter-productive violence!

This chilling footage of the submission of the head of Bono’s ‘One’ foundation to a parliamentary committee in Ireland sums up the way in which the liberal elite are indeed consciously engaged in a ‘Great Replacement’ project.

The very same people who have spent decades pushing abortion and the ‘need’ to cut family size in the West are now using the resulting demographic collapse as the ‘justification’ for a swamping wave of Third World immigration.

Needless to say, Bono, his smug spokesman, and the political elite, all have the money and privilege they need to insulate themselves from the ever-growing range of problems produce by their anti-Western death wish and their obsession with transforming our society out of all recognition.