Libtard Tech Giant Bans Christian App

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Libtard Tech Giant Bans Christian App

The liberal-left war on free speech and traditional values has moved up a gear. No longer is it just ‘right-wing extremists’ who are being gagged, now Christians are under fire as well.


A leftist body which aims to crush free expression online, “Truth Wins Out,” has now targeted biblical teachings on homosexuality for elimination from public debate.

The BBC reported Monday that Apple has taken on board the demands of the group and removed an app produced by Living Hope Ministries from its app store. Google and Amazon are being encouraged by activists to follow suit.

A download of the app reveals that its contents are essentially the same as what can be found on the Texas-based ministry’s website. The ministry describes itself as a “Christian ministry focused on sexual wholeness.”

It has Bible-based teachings for various groups, including youth, men, women, and spouses.

And the LGBTQ+ lobby have no use for that, of course.

Video below: Liberal censorship is a rapidly growing problem all over the Western world

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