Life-Changing Call to Arms

Life-Changing Call to Arms

“The most exciting, comprehensive and gripping book of hardcore traditionalist nationalism produced in the English language for decades. In fact, I can’t think of any set of patriotic writings that begin to come close to what the authors of Deus Vult- Reconquista of the West have achieved.”    Jayda Fransen


 Subtitled ‘Handbook for Resisting the Great Replacement’, Deus Vult is the first book produced by the Knights Templar International. This lay Order has made its mission the re-establishment of ‘muscular Christianity’ as the bedrock of the nationalist struggle to help our people resist the dangers posed by liberalism, Cultural Marxism and Islamification.

Deus Vult is a stunningly produced, 28 chapter, heavyweight, yet very readable, hardback. Written in serious but unpretentious and accessible style, each is a stand-alone essay dealing with a different aspect of the threats against us and the ideas, attitudes and actions needed to overcome them.

Subjects include 21st century, the value of our pre-Christian heritage and the dark obsession underlying the global warming hoax. Deus Vult explores the demographic problem; not the usual ‘right-wing’ complaint about immigration, but speaking with blunt authority about how the root of the problem is not the large families of certain immigrant communities, but the small or non-existence families all too common in our own.

The authors explain how having children is only the beginning of the long struggle. Emphasis is laid on the crucial importance of protecting the minds and souls of the next generation through homeschooling, as well as turning off the TV and teaching them about our great heritage and real life skills.

Continuing the practical advice, an important chapter gives young men rare guidance that – in a time of absent fathers and feminised indoctrination in schools and the media - all too many will otherwise never learn.

A central theme is the need for traditionalists and nationalists to take steps to build lives and communities as separated as possible from the “sinking liberal Titanic”. No punches are pulled in the chapters that cover the growing Islamist threat to the West, but this is presented in context as just one particularly deadly symptom of the disease of liberalism.

Controversial subjects, such as the origins of Cultural Marxism and the baneful influence of Talmudic racism and Zionism on the body politic of the West, are tackled fearlessly but level-headedly. Harmful influences and common errors within the broad nationalist and conservative movement are also addressed without fear or favour.

The two chapters explaining how conservativism is out of electoral road in the USA and Western Europe are of very special relevance in the wake of the shameless fraud perpetrated on the American people in November 2020 by the liberal elite and their MSM allies. As the repercussions of this scandal destabilise the USA in so many ways in the months and years ahead, the remarkable foresight of the authors of Deus Vult will become more and more apparent.

While the Knights Templar war cry ‘Deus Vult’ (‘God wills it’) dates back to the First Crusade, the revived order has produced a most timely book for the testing times and trials faced by the faithful, as a wave of totalitarianism casts a sinister and dark shadow over the 21st century.

Care is taken to explain the value of traditionalist Christianity to our long-term struggle in several chapters that, while not ‘preachy’, are utterly uncompromising and inspirational. The work of the Order itself is also explained.

The longest chapter is a comprehensive guide on what to do if you ever get arrested. Knowing this is nowadays vital not only for activists; ordinary Brits also can all too easily fall foul of the PC brigade or the enforcers of the new masked tyranny of lockdowns and forced covid vaccinations.

The chapter was written, refined and checked by a team of political and pro-life militants with decades of experience on the activist front line. This is quite simply the best guide ever on how to maximise your chances of resisting the growing repression and staying free.

While it’s worth buying and studying Deus Vult for the ‘Arrested’ chapter alone, there is a great deal more to it than that. The chapters cover a wide range of subjects and delivers extensive knowledge and rare insights, combined with some but deeply practical advice for personal improvement and winning strategies for effective organisation.

This is a book that provides a rare and very valuable combination of knowledge, practical advice for individuals and patriotic organisations alike. In Deus Vult, the Templars have produced a monumental work that is powerful, thought-provoking and life-changing. This call to arms will ring through – and even help shape - the future!