Lockdown 2 - Won't Be Fooled Again

Lockdown 2 - Won't Be Fooled Again

"You won't fool them again". That's the message from UK behavioural scientists to the British government as it sets about its plans for another economy-wrecking, health-destroying, culture-crushing lockdown.

Newly-released files from Number 10's Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) show that top behavioural scientists fear people won't follow the draconian rules for a second time.

They warned young people especially are tiring of social distancing and abandoning the rules, while disagreements about the UK's approach to Covid-19 mean the public will be less likely to follow advice in future.

As a result, the Johnson regime is now warned to expect "visible resistance" to the lockdown they are planning to impose in October as the return of cold and damp weather sees the much-hyped virus make a resurgence, giving millions of people the sniffles and killing thousands of sick and elderly people owing to the government's desire for a general clampdown leading to its continued failure to protect the truly vulnerable'