Lockdown Diabetes Deaths Scandal

Lockdown Diabetes Deaths Scandal

We've said it before and sadly we'll be saying it again: The elite's Covid lockdown was not a victimless crime which only cost vast amounts of money. On top of the rise in suicides, heart attacks and deaths from cancers diagnosed too late to treat, it is now confirmed that thousands of diabetics have also died because of health service lockdown shutdowns.

More than 3,000 diabetics in England may have died due to a lack of health checks during the first year of Covid lockdowns alone, a major NHS study warns.

The review of more than 3 million diabetic patients found a massive drop-off in critical checks and tests for diabetes patients in 2020, after the first two lockdowns. Researchers found just 26.5 per cent received their full set of checks in England 2020/21, compared with 48 per cent the previous year. 

They said diabetes took a 'double mortality hit' when the NHS moved to remote working and routine appointments were cancelled to focus on Covid.

The study, led by NHS bosses, compared deaths among diabetics in a 15-week period in summer 2021 with the same period in 2019. They found non-Covid related deaths among diabetes patients rose 11 per cent over this period, an extra 3,075 fatalities than would normally be expected.

Diabetes charities say the study shows sufferers were ‘pushed to the back of the queue’ during the pandemic and suffered ‘absolutely devastating consequences’ as a result.

The diabetes analysis comes just a day after another study found global heart attack deaths soared by a fifth during the pandemic,

An analysis of nearly 200 studies by researchers from Leeds University found deaths among people hospitalised due to severe heart problems jumped 17 per cent in two years. 

Patients also waited for more than an hour longer than usual for cardiac and heart attack callouts between December 2019 to December 2021. And the number of heart operations carried out globally fell by 34 per cent.