Lockdown Drove Britain Mad!

Lockdown Drove Britain Mad!

The horrifying cost of the covid lockdown is starting to emerge. The Great Reset exploitation of the rebranded flu pandemic has sparked an explosion of lockdown PTSD cases, which experts are calling "a mental health crisis in the making".

Millions of patients in England now face dangerously long waits for mental health care due to a “second pandemic” of depression, anxiety, psychosis and eating disorders, NHS leaders and doctors are warning.

The "Covid crisis" has sparked a dramatic rise in the numbers of people experiencing mental health problems, with 1.6 million waiting for specialised treatment and another 8 million who cannot get on the waiting list but would benefit from support, the heads of the NHS Confederation and the Royal College of Psychiatrists have told the Guardian. In truth, of course, it is not Covid itself which has done the damage. Without the hysteria whipped up by the elite and their media cronies, the vast majority of the population would scarcely have noticed anything more than a rather severe flu season. The mental health catastrophe is the all too predictable result of the madness and deeply unnatural nature of the lockdown restrictions.

In some parts of the country, specialist mental health services are so overwhelmed they are “bouncing back” even the most serious cases of patients at risk of suicide, self-harm and starvation to the GPs that referred them, prompting warnings from doctors that some patients will likely die as a result.

Sajid Javid, the health secretary, has acknowledged that national levels of depression have almost doubled since the start of the pandemic. He is facing pressure to rapidly develop a “comprehensive plan” to respond to the soaring demand for mental health care.

The call follows the publication of the long-awaited NHS elective recovery plan this month, which finally set out how the backlog of people needing planned surgical procedures is to be addressed. Here too, of course, the staggering scale of the problem reflects the disruption caused by lockdown far more than the impact of Covid-19 itself.

Matthew Taylor, the chief executive of the NHS Confederation, which represents the whole of the healthcare system in England, lays bare the scale of the lockdown mental health disaster:

“With projections showing that 10 million people in England, including 1.5 million children and teenagers, will need new or additional support for their mental health over the next three to five years it is no wonder that health leaders have dubbed this the second pandemic. A national crisis of this scale deserves targeted and sustained attention from the government in the same way we have seen with the elective care backlog.”

On top of that, the impact of masks on the development and mental stability of babies and young children is still to be felt. Little children are well known for their resilience, but the whole thing has been so unnatural that the possibility remains that it will have done huge and irreparable damage to them as well as older siblings and adults.