Lockdown to Cause Cancer Deaths Surge

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Lockdown to Cause Cancer Deaths Surge

Many thousands of women are going to die decades before their time thanks to the UK government's ham-fisted and destructive lockdown policy.

During the first national lockdown, smear test services were paused in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland as well as in some practices in England. The Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust charity estimated 600,000 fewer tests than normal were carried out last April and May.

Dr Jodie Moffat, Cancer Research UK’s head of early diagnosis, said: ‘It’s concerning to hear reports that cervical screening is being cancelled in some parts of the country again. In the first wave, decisions to pause screening in England were made locally in the absence of national guidance.

The significant number of deaths, and death sentences, from cervical cancer passed down by the first lockdown have been covered up by the controlled media, with only a couple of cases having slipped through the censorship net to get some publicity. By the time the truth is allowed to come out, thousands more are likely to be dead or dying.

As with many cancers, early diagnosis and treatment is absolutely vital - and this is exactly what the lockdown dismantling of normal health services is preventing. This is of course only one of the myriad of disasters being created by the lockdown mania, but - alongside rising suicide rates - it is probably the most tragic.

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