London Fireworks Plumb New Depths

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London Fireworks Plumb New Depths

The New Year's Eve celebrations from London were their most warped and political yet. The BBC's coverage featured the usual liberal-preachy propaganda for all things multicultural, with the innovation this year of the highly prominent use of the fascist lightning flash Sieg-rune. This was presumably connected withe the BBC's ongoing campaign to rehabilitate Nazism in pursuit of its pro-Ukraine agenda.

The Fireworks down on the Thames took things even further, with a huge 'tribute' to the Zelensky regime/Nato war. The sound track of various favoured liberal rock bands as interrupted at one point to marked 50 years of London 'Pride' with a message from Peter Tatchell from the Gay Liberation Front. "We're queer, we're here and you'd better get used to it" crowed the ageing pederast as the LGBTQ+ hijacked rainbow blazed out over Sodom-on-Thames.

The whole sickening display sums up the state of London under its nominally Muslim mayor, Britain under its nominally Hindu Prime Minister and the broadcasting media under their atheist/leftist/Zionist controllers. It left us more than a little wistful for the fireworks display set over over Kiev by the armed forces of Russia......


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