London Has Fallen!

London Has Fallen!

This is London under occupation - the symbolic desecration of the iconic monument to national hero Admiral Horatio Lord Nelson on the orders of the Labour Caliph of London, Sadiq Khan.


This Muslim triumphalist light show in Trafalgar Square was put on as his biggest block of voters celebrated the start of Eid this week. Needless to say, it was funded with our taxes.

Think back to last month. Were the iconic British lions in the symbolic heart of our capital bathed in red and white light to mark St. George’s Day? You know the answer, of course.

This is not some victimless, harmless piece of show-boating. It insults and abuses Silent Majority taxpayers. It wastes money that could have been put to better use. And, far, far more dangerous than that, it feeds the growing arrogance and expectation of victory among the growing legions of hardcore young Islamic fundamentalists. Appeasing these people is the very worst strategy. Every fresh surrender, every new symbol of the advance of their faith and the denigration or downgrading of hours incites them. There is no better recruiter for those among them who argue that the time has come to use force to finish the job and force the 'kaffirs' to 'submit utterly'.

This will not end well!