London MP Trying To Sneak Full-Term Baby Murder Into Law

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What sort of woman wants to legalise the killing of new-born babies? Well, Labour MP Stella Creasy wants to allow them to be butchered as long as it’s done just before they are actually born.


So since such infants are fully formed and completely ‘viable’, her only problem with the idea is one of timing. Leave it a day or so longer and it would be murder, but do it a day earlier and Stella thinks that dismembering a living child is perfectly acceptable.

You probably haven’t heard about the abortion industry’s latest attempt to enforce their radical abortion agenda. They’ve gone way beyond their old mantra of “safe, legal and rare”. They are now pushing for abortion to be made legal up until birth.

Obviously this is far past the point at which a child can survive outside of the womb and indeed far past the point at which a child is fully developed. So just let that sink in: the abortion lobby are now pushing for it to be lawful to kill a perfectly healthy child moments before birth.

The only difference between this and straight forward child killing, is the location of the child – inside or outside the womb – which is really no difference at all.

This is a new (and simultaneously very old) form of Satanic barbarism, promoted by the abortion lobby and their supporters in parliament. They are blinded by their own ideology and apparently incapable to seeing the reality of what they propose.

As usual, those pushing their horrifying ideas are never up front about what they are doing. In this case, the abortion lobby, led in Parliament by Stella Creasy MP for Walthamstow, are attempting to alter current abortion legislation – which allows abortion up until 6 months of pregnancy – through the back door. They are attempting to hijack the Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill by adding an amendment which would make abortion legal up until birth.

The Domestic Violence and Abuse Bill deserves to be discussed in its own right and should not be sullied by such a serious amendment which deserves its own independent scrutiny. Yet, due to the deeply disturbing implications of the abortion lobby’s proposed amendment i.e. allowing abortion up until the child is born, the last thing they want is an open debate.

The implications of the proposed changes to the current abortion law are far reaching. For example, in 2008, a man named Gil Magira was convicted for lacing his wife’s food with abortifacient drugs to induce an abortion. If the proposed amendment is successful, then men like Magira, who force others to have abortions without their consent (and sometimes without their knowledge), may be able to escape punishment.

Abortion up to birth is as ill thought through as it is barbaric. We must not let this happen. (For all the details about how this Bill will proceed, click here.)

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