Look Who Funded ISIS

Look Who Funded ISIS

With the violence unleashed by the eviction of Muslin and Christian Arabs from their ancestral homes by Israel spiralling out of control, a lot of 'right-wing' Americans and Brits still support the Zionist state.

There are three main reasons for this: Fear, money and ignorance.

Most politicians and other public figures are terrified of the power of the mainstream media. The vast majority of the press and broadcast channels in the USA and most Western countries is owned by Jews or Zionists such as Rupert Murdoch.

Many Christian leaders, especially America's avaricious televangelists, take money and favours from Israel or its supporters. This adds to the power of the Christian-Zionist heresy, which is based on the 19th century nonsense in the Scofield Reference bible [this important subject, by the way, has a full chapter in our new book, The Great Reset Resistance].

As for ignorance, many on the 'right' still see Arabs and Muslims as terrorists and the enemies of the West, and 'brave little Israel and Jews as our faithful friends and natural allies. If you know anyone still stuck in that mindset, send them a copy of our headline photo. It'll do them good to learn that it wasn't just Obama and Hillary Clinton funding and arming Islamist terrorists in Syria and Iraq.

And as for 'faithful friends', take a look at the origins of Emmanuel Celler, who introduced the Hart-Celler Act in the US House of Representatives, and thus put Americans on the path to becoming a minority in their own country, partly by letting in millions of Muslims. The same phenomenon will be found if you investigate the people who did so much to do the same to Great Britain, Sweden, France, Ireland, and other European nations now plagued by mass immigration.