Look Who’s Killed 87,500 Terrorists

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87,500 ISIS, Al Qaeda and ‘moderate’ head-cutters have been sent to eternal hellfire by one force alone in Syria.

Who are these heroes who have broken the biggest and best armed Islamist offensive in the whole of History?

Well, the USAF have killed some thousands (although that doesn’t offset the crime of Barack Obama in arming them in the first place!). But it’s not them. The RAF have probably killed some hundreds, but the UK government too is up to its neck in aiding the ‘rebels’.

The Syrian Army has waged a heroic struggle against Islamist extremism, as have their allies from Lebanon and Iran. Between them they’ve almost certainly killed even more.

But for sheer deadly efficiency when it comes to sending Islamist head-cutters to hell, you’ve got to hand it to the Professionals! As this video explains….

The Knights Templar Order