Look Who’s Stealing Your Taxes

Look Who’s Stealing Your Taxes

The fact that America is funding Israeli expansionism is not new, however, in this must watch episode Jake Morphonios delves into the scale of that broad daylight plunder of Americans’ taxpayers’ money.

Before the usual hasbara trolls start squealing about ‘anti-Semitism’, let’s just note that this excellent video is being promoted by the brave anti-Zionist Jew Gilad Atzmon.

His well-informed comments on this admittedly controversial subject often appear on the Unz Review website, which is run by Ron Unz. He is also Jewish, and another fearless critic of the fascist regime which runs the Israeli state and subverts, lies and blackmails its way through the corridors of power in Washington and Europe.

Gilad Atzmon writes: “I highly advise Americans and everyone else to watch to this superb work of investigative journalism”

Blackstone Intelligence Network writes: “It doesn’t matter if you are a hard-working American. YOU are not entitled to keep your own income. YOU are a cash cow for the Zionist state of Israel. America’s labor force is Israel’s Golden Goose. And I am going to show you the financial statistics to prove it.”