Making The World Safe For Sodomy

Making The World Safe For Sodomy

“The war to end all wars”. “The war to make the worl safe for democracy”. Those were the reasons we were given for fighting the First and Second World Wars. But looking at current liberal-globalist propaganda and the obsessions of the people behind it, the Third World War will be “the war to make the world safe for sodomy.”

Even Donald Trump now makes a point of tweeting to boast of his support for ‘Gay Pride’ and to pressure ‘backward’ Third World countries to promote ‘gay rights’.

One of the main reasons Vladimir Putin is constantly attacked in the Western media is his refusal to allow the promotion of homosexuality to school-children in Russia.

A few years ago, Ukraine was a traditional society. But then the Ukrainians were conned into siding with the decadent, liberal West. Ukrainian nationalist became the street fighters who overthrew their democratically elected pro-Russian government.

And now the same Ukrainian nationalists are being beaten and arrested by their own cops for the ‘crime’ of opposing ‘Gay Pride’ promotions. They’ve larnt the hard way that the promotion of homosexuality is now one of the main activities of the Western elite.

So Kiev is ‘free’ of Russian influence, and safe for ‘Gay Pride’ parades. Perhaps selling out to the West wasn’t such a good idea after all…..