Record numbers at Paris 'March for Jesus'

Record numbers at Paris 'March for Jesus'

Last week, Paris, France, witnessed a historic gathering of over 25,000 individuals for the March for Jesus, setting a new participation record.

Pastor Jean Luc Trachsel shared his vision at the event, saying: "If we want to touch the world, there is one condition: it is to love each other as Christ loved us."

The march, which extended beyond Paris to cities like Lille and Strasbourg, was celebrated for its inclusivity.

Gilbert Léonian, coordinating the march, told CBN, "We opened ourselves to the entire evangelical Protestant spectrum... This is my role, as coordinator, to keep unity and unite around Jesus."

Reflecting on the purpose of the march, Pastor Trachsel told the outlet, "If we are here, it is not for a religion or to promote our church, but because there is someone who has touched us deeply - Jesus."

The event culminated in a concert featuring Hillsong FR and Glorious.

Trachsel observed the profound impact of the gathering: "Many people were 'saved, healed, and baptised in the Holy Spirit.'" He added optimistically about the potential for revival: "If God does this in France, He can and will do it throughout Europe and in the nations of the world. It is harvest time and revival has begun."