Tucker Carlson: Mask mandates are 'obedience training’

Tucker Carlson: Mask mandates are 'obedience training’

Fox News host Tucker Carlson issued a scathing attack October 6 on the irrational manner in which state governors and other authorities mandate face masks. Warning that avoiding wearing a mask has become akin to being immoral, he declared, “This isn’t science. This is medieval superstition.”

Noting leftists’ horror when they saw Trump remove his face mask in the White House, Carlson said refraining from wearing a face mask has effectively become a heinous act or moral crime. “Taking your mask off effectively is questioning corona theology, and anyone who does that has committed an act of spiritual obscenity.”

Commentating on the laws requiring masks to be worn outside in many areas, Carlson warned that such rules are dangerous and unscientific. “Rules like that are not about public health. Rules like that are a form of obedience training. They’re trying to see what they can make you do.”

He decried a California propaganda video advocating masks in public, asking: “Has there ever been shallower virtue-signaling? Underneath all of this is cruelty, by the way, and judgment of you.”

Carlson observed that unscientific policies are about control instead of public health: “The Democrats who hold every statewide office in California understand that for totalitarians to operate a society, they need people to cooperate.”

He warned of the sinister nature of such policies, which rely on blind obedience and create a toxic culture: “So the more people turn on each other and snitch and micromanage one another’s lives, the easier their job of control will be. People without loyalty to each other are easy to command.”

In reference to mask mania and various jurisdictions’ “irrational” mask-wearing policies, Carlson said: “They are framing obedience to these things as a matter of morality, and the media is totally fine with that. They don’t even care when the people who make the rules ignore them. Only the rest of us are evil when we disobey.”