Amherst College will force all students to wear masks in class if SINGLE person requests them

Amherst College will force all students to wear masks in class if SINGLE person requests them

A woke liberal arts college has introduced a new masking policy that would require all students in a class to wear face masks if a single person requests them using an anonymous survey. 

Under the new policy at Amherst College in Massachusetts, each student and teacher would be provided an anonymous survey in which they could express their views on whether they want a mask mandate in their classroom.

The new guidance was created by Catherine Epstein, provost and dean of faculty at the Massachusetts school, who wrote to her colleagues on September 29 that the new policy will go into effect on October 17.

At that time, she wrote, classrooms, teaching laboratories an all other instructional spaces 'will either continue to require masking or be mask optional, depending on the outcome of an anonymous survey conducted in each class or lab.

'Prior to October 17, faculty members will conduct an anonymous survey of their classes, either by collecting handwritten (no names!) responses to the question, 'Should masks be required in this class?' or by distributing a survey,' she explained.

'If anyone in the class, including the instructor, wants to continue with masking, then masks will be required,' Epstein wrote. 'Additionally, even those classes that determine that masks will be optional will respect an individual's choice to wear a mask.'

She added that 'faculty are encouraged to revisit the decision with another survey in early November,' and emphasized that following the Thanksgiving break 'the college will require a stricter masking protocol for an appropriate duration.'  

Amherst has become known over the past few years for its strict masking policies.

Prior to the Fall 2021 semester, the college announced it had tightened its public health precautions.

Under its policy at the time, all employees, faculty and students were required to wear face coverings while inside campus buildings — regardless of vaccination status.

Students were also required to double-mask if they did not have a KN95 at that time.