Massive Protest Addressed by Archbishop

Massive Protest Addressed by Archbishop

Despite the continued detention without trial of key protest organisers, thousands of Italians once more took to the streets of Rome, Milan, and other cities throughout the country on Saturday, January 15, including Turin and Naples, to demonstrate against the recent tightening of “Green Pass” requirements for activities such as travel, dining, shopping, and certain religious ceremonies, as well as the new vaccine mandate by the Italian government for all persons age 50 and over.

Beginning Feb. 15, all public and private workers in Italy will be required to have a “Super Green Pass” in order to go to work. The “Super Green Pass” can only be obtained by those who have been vaccinated or have recovered from Covid. The unemployed who are older than 50 will also be required to be vaccinated, and the law will apply both to Italian citizens and to foreign residents.


The demonstration in Rome took place in front of the Lateran Basilica, with “No vax” Italian actor Enrico Montesano rousing the crowd with the cry, “People like us never give up.”

Bianca Laura Granato, a senator in the Italian conservative political party 5 Star Movement, spoke to those gathered about the corruption in Italy’s current parliament.

“These criminals have placed an administrative procedure before our rights with the administration of doses of an experimental drug,” she said. “Parliament and the government today are a limited liability company. If we do not make a hard and irremovable resistance, we should leave this country. These gentlemen will not only have to leave but will have to pay for the humiliations they made us live.”

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, also addressed the crowd. “It is the Lord who saves you, not an experimental serum.” Viganò decried those who “discriminate and prevent you from working and going to school are the same,” who for years have “said to go against Jesus Christ, telling you to kill the babies inside your womb.”

In a previous demonstration in October in Rome’s Piazza del Populo, Viganò had warned that vaccine mandates and the “Green Pass” were part of the Great Reset advocated by global elites. Viganò told crowds at the time, “It is necessary to look at things with a look that is not limited to single facts but revises them all in a broader framework in which the pandemic is a social engineering tool artfully provoked with the aim of bringing us … to the Green Pass, to total control, to the limitation of natural and constitutional freedoms, in the name of a Great Reset that none of us want.”

Encouraging the crowd gathered in front of the Lateran Basilica on Saturday, Viganò echoed his previous warning.  “What happens is of antichristian matrix, exasperated by the absurd restrictions,” he said. “Your protest is courageous and starts from fundamental principles such as the right to natural freedoms. I urge you not to give in to provocations.”