Maui Fires - NOTHING adds up!

Maui Fires - NOTHING adds up!

All the officials who should have been there to co-ordinate the response to the Maui fire disaster just happened to be off the island attending a conference when it started. Just how unlikely is that 'coincidence'?

Maui's top emergency officials were on another island when the wildfires begun, it emerged on Wednesday - and did not join a call about the response until five hours after the blazes broke out. 

Dozens of senior bureaucrats were gathering on Waikiki Beach in Honolulu, on the island of Oahu, on August 8 for the annual meeting of FEMA coordinators in the Pacific region. 

Those attending the conference included Herman Andaya, the then-director of Maui County Emergency Management Agency, who defended the decision not to activate emergency warnings.

The official story about the Maui fire disaster raises far more questions than it answers. Reports, such as the one in today's US version of the Mail Online, talks about the "first fire" breaking out in a school. So multiple fires just happened to 'break out' at the worst possible time, and the crucial one involved not some mysterious 'global boiling' spark but a state-run building.

Come to think of it, don't you find it strange that the usual media suspects, so quick to blame 'global boiling' for the fires on other holiday islands, including Rhodes and Tenerife, have gone VERY quiet about this fake 'link' in the case of Maui?

The only logical explanation for this is that the arson on Maui, just like on those other islands, was deliberate and intended to feed the 'global boiling' hysteria, but that the appalling death toll has turned a PR stunt into a future mass murder investigation. That would make claims that it was due to 'global warming' very likely to blow up in the faces of those making them, and liable to further discredit the whole climate alarmist propaganda circus. Hence the silence on this.


Apart from the growing likelihood of serious police murder investigations, there are all sorts of other factors which make the Maui story a potential time-bomb for the Powers that Be. A particularly obvious one is the role of 'affirmative action' in getting people killed.

Herman Andaya, for example, resigned on August 17, nine days after the wildfires, citing his health. It had emerged he had no background in disaster response: Local news site Maui Now reported in 2017 that he was hired over 40 other qualified applicants. Why would that have been? Of course, we all know. Affirmative action has more victims than the qualified job applicants who get overlooked because they have the wrong race/colour/gender/sexuality or whatever.

The same trend will have hit the safety of the electrical system on the island, and there is evidence that at least some of the fires started because of poorly maintained electrical infrastructure.

Then there is the question as to why Maui, much of which used to be tropical swamp, managed by local farmers and incapable of burning, is now such a dry tinder box?

Just like with the giant fires in Borneo a few years ago, the change has NOTHING to do with 'global warming', but is because the swamps have been drained. In Borneo it was to make way for plantations. In Maui it's for development and because big hotels and corporate golf courses are taking so much water that there is none left for traditional farmers or for wildlife. The same corporate interests had also sucked the reservoirs dry.

There are REAL environmental issues out there, and the global warming fantasy manages to sweep them under the carpet.

Diving deeper still, it's emerged that many of those burnt out by the 'wildfires' just happen to be local families, people who have owned plots and homes there for generations, since before it became extremely valuable real estate. Needless to say, they've been under pressure to sell up and get out of the way of big developers seeking to build luxury homes for global elitists. So the fires are VERY convenient to these Natural Born Crooks. "Follow the money".

What about all those tales about 'Direct Energy Weapons'? Well, we'd put nothing past the WEF and their local political puppets, but, overall, our take on that is that this is one of those conspiracy theories put out there precisely to discredit the real anti-establishment explanations.

On Maui, there was either arson - either by developers or by 'global boiling' accelerationist activists - or catastrophic infrastructure failure caused by affirmative action. Whichever it was, the end cause was liberal elitism, not climate change. This was made worse by affirmative action. As for the emergency co-ordinators being off the island, that was either an actual coincidence, or it is a strong pointer towards either well-timed arson by third parties or to a conspiracy involving the co-ordinators. The police investigation may well find out which.

Biden's appalling handling of the whole tragedy has for the time being rather overshadowed these very important matters, but as time goes by there will be some very important revelations about all the things that just don't add up. There will be plenty of powerful people trying to keep it all covered up.

Will the Hawaii police go along with that, or will the truth come out? Time will tell, but one thing is already certain: The Maui Fires had NOTHING to do with 'man-made climate change'. That tall tale has been buried even before most of the victims.