Media Liars Desperate to Smear Convoy

Media Liars Desperate to Smear Convoy

The liberal elite are pulling out all the stops to demonise the Freedom Convoy still challenging the Trudeau regime in Ottawa - and still gathering support. Every day sees the press and the politicians condemning the Canadian truckers’ Freedom Convoy as a “dangerous” and “racist” display of “far right extremism.” The “giddy inchoate rage,”  (whatever that is) and chaos that must be quashed, violently by military, if necessary.

The media are raging against the people taking part in the trucker Freedom Convoy, describing them as a “horde of Bubbas” and Canada’s “most aggressive citizens.” Prime example: Washington Post op-ed author David Moscrop called the protest a display of “toxic authoritarianist politics.”

Moscrop, author of “Too Dumb for Democracy” (a title that gives you an idea of his regard for the little people), described the hundreds of thousands of people in the Canadian capital on Saturday where he works as a University of Ottawa professor as “driven by a generalized rage, misplaced anger about supply chain challenges and antigovernment sentiment.”

And of course he played the race card: “These types of groups are typically driven by attitudes, grievances and priorities of such a nature that they pose a particular risk to racialized folks and other groups that are traditionally the target of hate and violence.”

Is Moscro is talking about people like Bernadette and Anna, two of a group of Polish Canadian women who drove from Toronto to Ottawa on Thursday to bring 1,550 Polish sausages to the truckers, along with bread and buns and hundreds of Polish donuts?

Why did they do it? “Because we stand behind them.”

“We come from communist country, and we came here because we didn’t want to have oppression. We wanted to live in a free country, and for the last two years we’re living like prisoners,” she said.

“We are being told to stay at home. We’re told not to go to the restaurant, not to go to the church!”

“During communist times, we were able and free to go to the church. I really can’t take it anymore,” Bernadette said, adding that they’d be coming back to Ottawa every two or three days “until it ends,” God bless them.

Moscrop said Canada’s response to these Polish immigrants and to the hundreds of thousands of Canadians who have actively supported the Convoy should be a “doubling down” on them and a “media policy of refusing to platform, humanize, or, God forbid, glorify the convoy and its members beyond the bare necessity of speaking to their existence and outlining a program for pushing back.” 

At 75 miles long, the main (but not the only) convoy was more than ten times the previous world record. At night, it could be seen from space. The organisers and protesters have together put together, and are continuing, one of the most sophisticated and well-disciplined protests in modern history. They have already exposed their nation's 'leader' as a pathetic coward, now they are forcing the entire media and political elite to show their true, totalitarian colours. However this ends, the Freedom Convoy is already a most remarkable achievement, and an example and guide to opponents of the Great Reset tyranny everywhere. God bless them!