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When some new readers question our assertion that it only takes a small number of committed families to produce a demographic revolution, they often also ask us for an example. Well, here’s a really good one!


The Bolivian school system has reported difficulties in dealing with huge numbers of Mennonite children, the ethnic German and Dutch religious minority in that country can double its numbers in around 15 years.

In 1995, there were just 28,000 Mennonites in Bolivia. By 2011, this figure had more than doubled to 70,000 in just one generation. By 2020, it is estimated that the total population will grow to more than 120,000.

A farming heritage and culture, the Mennonites marry young and typically build large families around traditional gender roles. Young men and women will find their husband or wife at Sunday church services.

From just 37 families in the mid 1950s to a homogeneous populace that can more than double its population in less than one generation, the Mennonites are producing huge birth-rates against a concerning backdrop of plummeting European birth-rates.

The average Mennonite family in Bolivia has 8 children, compared to Europe as a region, which has the lowest fertility rate (1.6) in the world. Greece, Spain and Italy’s birth-rate is even lower than the European average, standing at 1.3 according to the Population Reference Bureau.

This community’s astonishing population boom even exceeds the highest national fertility rates in the world, with multiple sources confirming Niger’s place at the head of the table with a current rate at 7.3 births per woman. Africa as a continent has the highest fertility rate at 4.6 births per woman.

Experts point to the Mennonite’s traditional family structures and culture – which promotes the important role of women as homemakers and mothers – as the main factor in the community’s prolific population surge.

In 2009, the Mennonite community was attacked by western feminists for its shunning of modern pervertarian ideas, but Mainstream journalists visited some of the communities and were shocked to report that they found happy children and adults, enjoying stable family environments.

If the eleven young men now stuck in jail thanks to the agent provocateur National Action operation had instead set out to find themselves eleven young women who wanted large families, then they could already be on this path, instead of rotting in prisons. If young American patriots did the same instead of getting sucked into the MGTOW trap they and the USA would be a whole lot better off as well. Take note! Take heed!

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