Missouri Sheriffs Shame World's Police

Missouri Sheriffs Shame World's Police

The police of the world disgraced themselves during Covid. Enforcing lockdowns and vax mandates, beating up peaceful demonstrators and arresting dissidents, they acted as the boot-boys of the liberal elite, and made themselves detested by millions of people. But now one group of brave and decent law enforcement officers have shown how proper cops SHOULD behave in defending the rule of law and constitutional freedoms from elite tyranny.

Multiple sheriffs across Missouri have publicly announced they will not give out any conceal and carry information to agencies that ask for it.

In August, Missouri is due to be audited by the federal government. A regular computer technology review is done to ensure that no office misuses that database, which contains CCW entered by sheriff’s offices. Many sheriffs are taking to social media to say they will not release that information if asked to do so by any agency, including the FBI.

”I have not been contacted, although I hit it off the storm real early with a public Facebook post. And I do know that there have been several of the sheriffs across the state that have been contacted,” said Wright County Sheriff Sonny Byerely.

” I was elected to protect their rights and their freedoms and to uphold the laws. That is a law in the state of Missouri that we don’t give out that private information,” said Sheriff Byerely.

Camden County sheriff’s officials say they’ll also keep CCW information private.

”That’s fundamental to our Second Amendment rights that every American has, and when you start questioning who can have access and why would we not allow access? Or why as a permit holder would I not want someone to know that is because it’s really none of their business,” said Sgt. Scott Hines.

Many who have conceal and carry permits want their information to remain private.