Perverted Education: Welsh children can be ‘Mixed Berry Gender Fluid Muffins’

Perverted Education: Welsh children can be ‘Mixed Berry Gender Fluid Muffins’

Young children can be “mixed berry gender fluid muffins,” a government document has instructed teachers in Wales.

A 170-page “Agenda” document detailing how sex education should be taught in Wales reportedly instructs teachers that children as young as seven can be “mixed berry gender fluid muffins”.

It is the latest evidence of militant transgenderism being taught in British schools, with government officials in both the UK and neighbouring Ireland becoming increasingly keen to see gender ideology taught as fact to young children.

According to a report by The Telegraph, the sex ed pamphlet produced by Cardiff University academics in partnership with the Welsh government tells the country’s teachers that there are many different genders.

The document furthermore encourages teachers to play the “mixed-muffin gender berry challenge” with children, a game which involves teaching children that “you can’t assume someone’s gender by how they look”.

Involving various batches of berry muffins, the aim of the game is to show students “what it feels like to be given a gender you might not choose”.

Another game detailed in the pamphlet reportedly asks kids to “decide which sex-switching or gender-bending worlds you want to explore”, which reportedly aims to “crack open… rigid gender binaries”.

Wales is not the only part of Britain where such militantly pro-transgenderism material is being taught to children, with UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak last week being forced to announce a review of sex ed across the country amid revelations pupils were being taught there are up to one hundred different genders.

Meanwhile, the progressive government in neighbouring Ireland have been pushing hard for gender ideology to become a key part of sex ed courses in the country’s schools, despite massive backlash from parents as well as school groups.

This backlash has only led to officials doubling down on the move to add transgenderism to the curriculum, with the country’s Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, as well as a number of other senior ministers, coming out to publicly back the plan.