Model Turned Pro-Life Mum of 6

Model Turned Pro-Life Mum of 6

A former contestant on America’s Next Top Model, Leah Darrow says she experienced a unique grace from the Holy Spirit while posing for a fashion photoshoot in New York City.

“[God] told me, in no less of words, ‘I made you for more.’ And I remember shaking my head in the middle of the photoshoot thinking, ‘I did not just hear that,'” she recalls. “And it was a moment I heard again: ‘I made you for more.’ I heard it five times.”

“I ended up walking out of the photoshoot and … called my dad … and just said, ‘If you don’t come and get me, I’m going to lose my soul.’ And I said that verbatim,” Darrow continues. “And there was a very long pause, and when my dad spoke, he just said, ‘OK, all right baby, I’m coming to get you.’ And my dad drove over 2,000 miles to come pick me up.”

Since quitting modeling, Darrow has become an outspoken pro-life advocate, woman of faith, and mother of six  wonderful children (and one other in heaven). What motivates much of her work today is helping people achieve their dreams.

“The dream that God has placed on your heart, and there’s probably many of them, it deserves to take up space in your life,” Darrow says. “Your dream is worth pursuing, and as you start pursuing those dreams … you’re going to kind of fumble along the way. But God is patient and He helps recalibrate to keep us on track.”