Mohammad Cartoons - Macron hits elite's emergency button

Mohammad Cartoons - Macron hits elite's emergency button

Emmanuel Macron, the simpering left-liberal president of France is putting on an impression of "getting tough with the Muslims". Responding to the barbaric beheading of a liberal Paris teacher by one of his pet 'refugees', he has closed down a mosque, arrested several dozen 'extremists' for possible deportation. Most dramatic of all, he has provoked worldwide Muslim outrage by ordering that anti-Muslim cartoons from the equally anti-Christian atheists at Charlie Hebdo should be projected onto government buildings.

What's going on? Well, while the cartoon stunt especially has been welcomed by many people with genuine worries about Islamisation, the real picture is not of a liberal waking up, but an elite puppet operating a very unpleasant agenda indeed.

Given that the next French presidential election is still two years away, it is very unlikely that Macron is 'getting tough with the Muslims' as an electoral ploy. A proportionate response from him (as a left-liberal) to the beheading of the teacher would have been to round up and deport half a dozen particularly extreme Islamist preachers, announce an investigation into foreign funding of and influence over mosques in France and close down a couple of salafist mosques.

Done quickly, that would have protected him from accusations of being soft or inactive, while at the same time appearing reasonable to the still significant proportion of Muslims in France who have resisted radicalisation. Many of them are Berbers, who for ethnic and historical reasons are not wholly on board with the salafist extremism that has been exported to the West by Saudi Arabia (with a bit of help from the CIA and MI6).

Instead, his first action was to order that the offending cartoons be projected onto government buildings, in a 'show of solidarity' with Charlie Hebdo and as proof of France's commitment to 'free speech'. Coming as it does from a regime which regularly imprisons nationalists and historical revisionists for thought crimes and 'hate speech', is pure hypocrisy. Much worse than that, this action acted to throw a whole barrel of petrol on the fires of Muslim anger. This piece of blatant provocation will have acted as an instant radicaliser for untold numbers of Muslims (all over the West, not just in France), pushing even moderates - who genuinely do exist (though they are increasingly marginalised within their own communities).

Macron just acted as the best ally and helper of Al Qaeda and ISIS since Sarkozy, Cameron and Obama destroyed Libya on their behalf and provided them with the arms and training to develop full scale armies in Syria and Iraq. Commonsense tells us that Macron is not acting sensibly or in good faith, or even as a careless politician in the run up to an election.

So what could he be up to? Simply this: Macron is the most blatant obvious Rothschild puppet of all the occupation governments of the West. Those governments and their puppet masters have already staked everything on using their artificial corona-crisis as the excuse for the 'Great Reset'. They know know from what is happening in a growing number of European countries that this effort is producing a huge, growing and potentially violent resistance movement by ordinary citizens right across the political spectrum (with the sole exception of Antifa, who are blatant lockdown shills and bootboys, as one would expect from a Soros front).

One of the great attractions to mass immigration for the elite in the first place was its effect of breaking up national unity and dividing the peasant. Divide and rule! This is the card that Macron is playing. If the European natives and the Muslims are at each others' throats, they will be too busy to resist the lockdown tyranny, and police repression can be portrayed as essential peace-keeping rather than be seen as the imposition of a police state.

Thanks to the Merkel refugee invasion, every single Western European nation now has this 'In Emergency - Break the Religious Hatred Glass' box built into its very fabric for the convenience of the global elite. The emergency is the distinct possibility that resistance to the UN/WHO/WEF Great Reset could turn into a rolling continent-wide Corona-Maidan. Macron just put a cartoon hammer through the glass.

His action could very easily spark an explosion of anger and tit-for-tat violence that becomes a vicious spiral towards a Europe-wide religious civil war. If it does, we must and will stand by our people and defend our faith. But we must never forget that the most guilty and most dangerous enemy is to be found in the liberal elite. It was Macron and his ilk who opened the gates of the West to these people, and then proceeded to antagonise them with an atheist, secular, LGBTQ+ extremist dogma of their own that threatens our values and traditions just as much as it does those of our uninvited guests. 

If we are forced to fight, let our weapon be Christian swords rather than liberal cartoons. If we have to go to war, let it not be on behalf of a gaggle of homosexual atheist journalists, still less a corrupt and wicked elite, but to make our land safe for our children.