Moms Targeted Over Drag Queen Protest

Moms Targeted Over Drag Queen Protest

Two concerned mothers who attended a recent “Teen Pride”indoctrination session organised by LGBTQ+ militants at a public library in Renton, Washington, told The College Fix that they have now been doxxed for their efforts to expose the event, which included a graphic dance by a drag queen and the distribution of other adult sex and gender materials.


Asking their names not to be published out of fear for their safety— as some of their birthdays and addresses have already made the rounds on social media — the two concerned moms said in interviews on Monday that they attended the June 22 event because they were upset at the programming and wanted to shine a light on it.

Here’s footage from an earlier such outrage:

They said, although library officials promised it would be family friendly, it was anything but that.

The women and some of their allies attending the event in a somewhat undercover capacity were able to capture on film a large amount of the pride festivities at the Renton Public Library — including the graphic performance of a drag queen — before police were called to escort some of the moms out.

The truly disgusting thing is not that perverts want to recruit and pervert young children, but that the POLICE are so ready to act as their panders and facilitators. Twenty years ago they would have refused. Fifty years ago they would have turned away as local fathers dealt with the problem. Eighty years ago they would have done that themselves…..