More Blasphemy in Rome

More Blasphemy in Rome

A vile poster depicting Jesus as a sodomite and paedophile has appeared outside Rome’s Museum of Modern Art.

Titled “ECCE HOMO ERECTUS,” the poster leaves little to the imagination. It depicts Jesus standing before a boy kneeling in prayer, with a hand on the boy’s head. An erection protrudes from beneath the depiction’s garment, right in front of the young boy’s face.

Pontius Pilate uttered the words “Ecce homo,” “Behold the man” (John 19:5), when he presented Jesus to the jeering crowd after Jesus had been flogged and given a crown of thorns. The poster artist, who signs his name “Hogre,” has taken Pilate’s poignant proclamation and added erectus in order to present Christ not as the one who suffered for our sins and carried them to the Cross, but as a sexual pervert who preys upon boys.

Various Catholic and traditionalist groups called for the image to be removed. Some pointed out that the museum’s management would not dare to produce similar imagery of Muhammad.

Indeed they would not, and there’s a lesson for Christians in that…..