More Lockdown Double Standards

More Lockdown Double Standards

Covid's a very PC virus. It knows that it's fine to attack working class people in pubs or at football games, or even to victimise toffs at the theatre or opera. It's more or less mandatory to infect Deplorables who turn up to Trump rallies, church services or Remembrance Day. But Covid knows that BLM demonstrations and feminist vigils are STRICTLY off limits.

The abduction and brutal murder of Sarah Everard in London last week should incur the death penalty. People are entitled to demonstrate over what they perceive as police incompetence. The police violence against the protesters is unacceptable.

BUT, the police were only enforcing the lockdown law - which has been approved and backed by the entire political and media elite. If the police were wrong to do so in this case, then they have been wrong in enforcing this law against everyone else too. If they have been right to enforce it against anti-lockdown demonstrators over the last year, then they were right to enforce it against the Sarah Everard vigil as well.

Planned Durham vigil in memory of Sarah Everard won't go ahead after  permission 'revoked' - Chronicle Live

The left and the media can't have it both ways. The mass lie-in in Parliament Square yesterday (see main picture) was a blatant breach of social distancing rules, so why do Labour Mayor Sadiq Khan and Tory PM Boris Johnson feel able to defend THESE demonstrators and to criticise the police for acting against them, when they have both repeatedly criticised and demonised anti lockdown protesters.

The disparity is even more stark given the context of the demonstrations. The feminists who are exploiting the tragedy of Sarah Everard are demonstrating in support of a thoroughly pernicious myth - that violence against women is the result of some sort of original male sin, when in reality it is the result of a society-wrecking combination of weak liberal refusal to enforce laws and punish criminals, plus mass immigration. While Sarah's alleged killer is a white serving police officer, the large majority of the perpetrators who have made London such a dangerous and often frightening place for young women come from very different backgrounds and communities.

Those demonstrating against lockdowns, by contrast, are mobilising against an all too real danger and set of wrongs. Using a hugely over-hyped, essentially normal flu-type virus as the excuse to dismantle our entire society - as the Great Reset enthusiasts are doing so quite openly - is a crime which is leading to the premature deaths of tens of thousands of sufferers from cancer and other often treatable diseases. It is leading to an epidemic of suicides and mental illness. It is destroying freedoms and traditions which took hundreds of years of struggle to win and to establish. Those demonstrating over such things not only have the right to demonstrate, they also have right on their side.

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