Moscow Terror Attack - What's REALLY Known

Moscow Terror Attack - What's REALLY Known

The ghastly terror attack on the Crocus Concert Hall in Moscow is now known to have left at least 115 dead, but the figure continues to rise.

The Western MSM are unanimous in blaming ISIS, but this looks increasingly unlikely. The ISIS story is based on a single post on an anonymous Telegram account which claims to speak on behalf of ISIS centrally. The post claims responsibility on behalf of an Afghanistan-based splinter group ISIS in Khorasan (ISIS-K). ISIS-K, by contrast, has NOT claimed responsibility through any of its own mouthpieces.

The totally unverified claim, however, was declared true beyond any doubt by the CIA as soon as it emerged, and the fake news media are sticking to this likely fake news.

Meanwhile, a number of real facts have emerged: The car used by the attackers to get to the concert hall, and to flee from it, was stopped in a shoot out as it sped towards the Ukrainian border. All four prime suspects were arrested there, with seven possible accomplices arrested elsewhere. All four are natives of Tajikistan - one of the Muslim ex-Soviet Republics in which the CIA has worked tirelessly to create an anti-Russian Jihadi force similar to those they CIA, MI6 and Mossad created in Afghanistan, Libya, Syria and so on.

The initial interrogation brought a videod confession by the alleged ring-leader that he was paid to carry out the attack. This, of course, is totally unlike any ISIS Jihadists, who boast of their fanatical devotion to their fundamentalist Islamism and their hatred of the Unbelievers.

The attack itself was also very different to the sort launched by ISIS, for example at the Bataclan theatre in Paris. There they seized hostages and proceeded to methodically kill them, knowing they would be killed on site and regarding this as welcome martyrdom. Suicide bomb vests feature large in most ISIS attacks for the same reason.

This group, by complete contrast, left the scene not to find a fresh target, but in the hope of escaping - to Ukraine. They made it over two-thirds of the way before being stopped, and the Russian authorities say that they had contacts waiting for them at the border to get them safely across had they got there.

It is also known that the US Embassy warned Americans in Moscow to stay away from concerts and other big events just two weeks ago. Likewise, Victoria Nuland welcomed the new tranche of US funding to Ukraine's war effort by promising more "asymmetric warfare" and a "nasty surprise for Putin". These two things may be completely coincidental, but it is a fact that the vast majority of Russians will refuse to believe this.

They will also note the claims that yesterday also saw the arrival of significant numbers of French, German and Polish soldiers in Ukraine. Not this time as mercenaries, but as open NATO reinforcements for the crumbling Ukrainian war effort. Yet again, this may be just a coincidence, but don't expect Russians to believe that as they mourn the dead from the Crocus Hall.

They see rather the answer from the Western elite to their swamping vote in support of President Putin and the war to defend Russians and Russia from the NATO aggression which has plagued and threatened them for years. Again, it doesn't matter if you or others believe that, it's what most Russians believe.

That's why yesterday's attack - whoever carried it out - has just made the world a much more dangerous place. If the investigation finds a convincing link to British, American or Israeli intelligence services operating out of Ukraine, then those help responsible will pay the highest price. Starting with the Zelensky regime, which now faces not a "Special Military Operation", but all-out war.